MRO is MROver….For Now

The 2018 Aviation Week MRO Conference in Orlando is history, and for those who weren’t able to attend, I wanted to highlight something that might have gone unnoticed.

It’s no secret that the percentage of men in aviation & aerospace roles is grossly disproportionate. The latest figures reveal that ladies only account for 3% of roles in aircraft maintenance, and that’s a problem.

As with any challenge, the first step is admitting that a problem exists. From my perspective, I think that we’ve moved beyond that, and judging by this year’s participation in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition by ladies, I dare say we’re headed in the right direction. United Airlines fielded a team made entirely of ladies (and yeah, they kicked ass). Canadian, female based Elevate Aviation ( competed for the first time, and there was most definitely a noticeable increase in the number of ladies present.

What may have gone largely unnoticed is that men seem to be supporting the ladies, and enthusiastically so. I asked Kim Pritchard, Senior Manager, Tech Ops Talent Acquisition if my observations were correct and she didn’t hesitate to confirm.

Well done ladies, and well done gents.


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