Aviation Technical Education Council – Thoughts

Our team just returned from the 2018 ATEC Conference in Washington, DC, and unsurprisingly the main topic of conversation centered on the ability (or more accurately, inability) to attract and retain talent in the tightening labor market.

Thirty years ago, when I was entering the industry as a newly-minted A&P, there were subtle yet unmistakable rumblings of an A&P mechanic shortage. Fast forward to 2018, and the signs are no longer subtle. We’ve effectively squandered three decades debating the impending shortage without aggressively countering the forces and now we’re behind the proverbial eight-ball.

According to every reputable industry source, the degree to which the far-reaching effects of a shortage will affect the aviation and aerospace sector varies, yet experts acknowledge that we’re not going to feel the biggest pains for a few years.

Like most challenges, this one won’t be addressed by any silver bullet solutions but will most undoubtedly require a significant course correction. Within AireXpert, we’re taking an unusual yet innovative approach to alleviate the long term effects of a labor shortage. As an example, we believe that our industry needs to be more inclusive and that the distribution of knowledge represents a space for opportunity.

Solving this puzzle will be a collective collaboration, so I hope that you as a reader have taken at least the first few steps in a positive direction.

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