Aircraft Maintenance Innovations

If you’re not a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, I get it. While I love innovation (of course) and have high praise for any entrepreneurs who put themselves through the wringer, I just don’t think that Shark Tank represents the real world of raising capital and paints a misleading picture for those who may head down the path of building something which requires outside money.

That being said, it put a smile on my face to see Tom Burden on the November 17, 2017 episode of Shark Tank. Tom, an F-16 mechanic, spotted an opportunity and ran with it. He was tired of his tools sliding off of the surfaces that he was working on, so he invented and sold a silicone based mat that will keep hardware and tools accessible. Tom originally funded his product development through a Kickstarter campaign and has since partnered with a number of organizations (including Shark Tank investors) to take his company to the next level. Take a moment to check out Tom’s website ( and this recent article:

Oh, and if you’re an aircraft maintenance professional and you’ve spotted an opportunity, I hope you make the decision to push that opportunity towards a reality.

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